These sites are good sources of other information about the Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake.

Education and General Science Links:

Science Education Resource Center -- Tsunami Visualizations

University of Texas Institute for Geophysics -- Tsunami Teaching Modules

Dr. John Lahr/ IRIS -- Educational Seismic Records

Dr. Alan Jones -- View waves from the Sumatra event traveling through the earth. Download Seismic Waves program (PC only)

Dr. Seth Stein -- Introductory powerpoint presentation on the geophysics of the event.

Dr. Larry Braile -- Introductory materials about seismology (including a powerpoint presentation on the Sumatra event).

Justin Sharpe, Beal High School, London, UK -- Tsunami aimed at children in the 11-18 age range in the UK.
(Includes new 1 year on section with film clips, animations and lesson plans)

Dr. Ralph Stephen -- Notes on tsunamis suitable for a middle school class on "waves".

National Science Teachers Association -- Tsunami Pages

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

Indiana University PEPP Program

National Geophysical Data Center

Dr. Aaron Velasco - Introductory powerpoint presentation for high school Earth science teachers (ppt file attached)

Dr. Bob Butler - Tsunami causes and effects for middle school teachers


Seismology Links:

Project IDA -- University of California, San Diego

Istanbul Technical University -- Source Rupture Processes and Slip Distribution Modeling and Tsunami Generation

Dr. Anthony Lomax -- Seismograms showing 8 minutes of rupture of the Sumatra-Andaman Islands earthquake



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