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Volume XVII
No. 2 Fall/Winter 1998
        New Opportunities, New Directions                       STAFF
        USArray - Probing the Continent  	                Ekström, et al
        A Plate Boundary Observatory            	        Silver, et al
        Tenth Annual IRIS Workshop                      	Shearer
        Seismology on Kola	                                Kremenetskaya, Asming
        Deep Sea Fishing for BBOBS                      	Romanowicz, Dziewonski
        Teach For America Intern at IRIS                	Paske
        Kyrgyz Seismic Network                          	Vernon
        IRIS Releases New Poster                                STAFF
        Forum on Natural Hazards                                STAFF
        IRIS Contributes to Savage Earth Television Series      STAFF
        IRIS Education and Outreach Program Plan                STAFF
        Bannergram, Staff News                                  STAFF
        Commentary: Rapid and Free Data Distribution	        Romanowicz
        11th Annual IRIS Workshop                               STAFF
        Calendar                                                STAFF
        New Members                                             STAFF

Volume XVII
No. 2 Spring/Summer 1998

        Shakedown at the Gates of the Lodore	               VERNON
	New Integrated PASSCAL Instrument Center	       PASSCAL STANDING COMMITTEE
	Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica (SEPA)  WIENS, et al
	W.M. Keck Foundation and Sun Microsystems provide
	  suppport for new Mass Storage System at the DMC      STAFF
	IRIS PASSCAL to hire seismological hardware and
	 software engineers/scientists			       STAFF 
	ASL and IDA Network Operations Reports		       DERR, DAVIS
	Mining for Data at the IRIS DMC		     	       AHERN

Volume XVI
"No. 2 Fall/Winter 1997"
	Sensing Tremors of Change in US Science and Education	LANE
	IRIS Develops a New Program in Education and Outreach	BRAILE
	Seismologists Learning to Teach the Teachers		HALL-WALLACE, BRAILE
	AN Archive of Web Teaching Materials			BARKER
	Undergraduate Internship Opportunities                  FISCHER
	National Science Foundation 
            Funding for Geoscience Education
	Earthquake Museum Display 
           to be Seen by 5 Million People                       HUTT, et al
        Use of PASSCAL Instrumetns and Data Delivery Policy     MELTZER, FOWLER
        Databases in the Field: Two Views
           A Dissenting View                                    JULIAN, FOULGER
           A Broader Perspective                                MELTZER
	Further Comments on Databases	                        SCHWARTZ
	PASSCAL Data Access					BARNES
	Ninth Annual IRIS Workshop
        Visiting Scientist Facility at the IRIS DMC Enhanced    AHERN
        GSN Update                                              BUTLER
        Comments on "The Political Sensitivity of Earthquake
             Locations by van der Vink and Wallace"             HENGER, et al
        Response form van der Vink and Wallace                  van der VINK, WALLACE
        New IRIS Education & Outreach Coordinator
        Staff News                                              STAFF
        Tenth Annual IRIS Workshop                              STAFF
        Staff Changes at IDA
        Calendar                                                STAFF
        New Members                                             STAFF

Volume XVI
"No. 1 Spring/Summer 1997"
	A short walk up a Naked Mountain			MELTZER, et al
	Real time access to multiparameter geophysical
	  observatories in Northern California			ROMANOWICZ, et al
	National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program		SIMPSON
	In Memory						STAFF
	FISSURES: A workshop on a framework for seismic
	   software						WALLACE, et al
	Staff News						STAFF
	Lessons from Armenia and Sakhalin for Central Asia	KHALTURIN, TUCKER
	GSN Update						STAFF
	IRIS Headquarters New Offices				STAFF

Volume XV
"No. 3 Fall 1996"
	CTBT... At last!					van der VINK, et al
	The Beginning and the End				HARVEY
	Comparative Seismic Detection and Location Capabilities 
	  of IRIS and GSETT-3 Stations within Central Asia	HARVEY
	IRIS Concludes Nuclear Test Study of US Congress	STAFF
	The Last Nuclear Test? 
	  A Brief Review of the Chinese Nuclear Weapons Program	WALLACE, TINKER
	The Seismic Monitor					STAFF
	IRIS Assists Senate in Investigation of 
	  International Terrorist Group				HENNET, et al
	GSN in Geneva						BUTLER
	Comments to the Seismological Community			HOLUM
	The Political Sensitivity of Earthquake Locations	van der VINK, WALLACE
	Congressional Science Engineering Fellowships	
	PASSCAL Education Initiatives				MELTZER
	Ninth Annual IRIS Workshop				STRAIN

Volume XV
"No. 2 Summer 1996"
	National Science Foundation funds IRIS-2000		STAFF
	Quantifying the Recovery of Global Teleseismicity	WYSESSION
	Defense Terminates Science Program			DICKINSON
	The 1995-1996 Missouri to Massachusetts Broadband 
		Seismometer Deployment				FISCHER, et al.
	National Academy of Sciences Begins Study on the 
		Science of Earthquakes				MEADE
	PASSCAL High Resolution Equipment Demonstrated 
		at the IRIS Workshop				LEVANDER
	Eighth Annual IRIS Workshop				STAFF, Program Chairs
	IRIS Consortium Member Logo				BARNES
	IRIS Employee News					STAFF
	New PASSCAL Datasets Available				STAFF
	GSN Update						BUTLER
	Calendar						STAFF
	New Members						STAFF
	IRIS Board of Directors Meeting 			STAFF
	An IRIS DMS Short Course				STAFF
	High Resolution Seismic Reflection Short Course		STAFF

Volume XV
"No. 1. Spring 1996"
	The 1994-5 Colorado Plateau-Great Basin 
	  PASSCAL Experiment					JONES
	PEPP Participants Selected				STAFF
	The Council of the National Seismic Systems and a 
	  Composite Earthquake Catalog for the United States	MALONE
	PASSCAL Training Goes Big in Memphis			GOMBERG
	A Novel Approach to Automatic Monitoring of 
	  Regional Seismic Events				RYZHIKOV
	IRIS Employee News					STAFF
	New PASSCAL Datasets Available				STAFF
	1996 Annual IRIS Workshop				STAFF

Volume XIV
"No.2, Fall 1995"
	Earthworm: A Flexible Approach to Seismic Network 
	  Processing						JOHNSON
	High Resolution Imaging Equipment added to PASSCAL 
	  Instument Pool					STAFF
	IRIS 2000 Submitted to NSF				SIMPSON
	IDA Update						GIVEN
	SOD: An Automated Method for Processing Standing 
	  Orders at IRIS DMC					CASEY
	Controlling Long Period Air Convection Noise in
	  Borehole Installations with Sand			HOLCOMB
	New PASSCAL Datasets Avialable				STAFF
	GSN Update						STAFF
	FDSN Station Book					SKJELLERUP
	IRIS Employee News					STAFF
	Hawaii-2 Observatory 					STAFF
	IRIS Home Page						STAFF
	Seventh Annual IRIS Workshop				SIMPSON
	Announcing 1996 Annual IRIS Workshop  			STAFF
"No.1, Spring 1995"
	The Southwest Pacific Seismic Experiment		WIENS
	The Tanzania Broadband Experiment			OWENS
	ASET - Array based Seismic Emission Tomography		GUREVICH
	Seventh Annual IRIS Workshop				STAFF
	Staff News						STAFF
	PEPP Participants Selected				STAFF
	Rescue of Unique Czech/Polish Very Broadband 
	  Data Archive				 		PLESINGER
	GSN Update						STAFF
	New FARM Products, Yours for the Picking		AHERN
	IRIS - 2000						SIMPSON

Annual Report			
"December, 1994"	
	IRIS-The Year in Review					PARK
	IRIS-Ten Years of Service to National and
	International Seismology				SIMPSON	 	
	DMS							AHERN
	JSP							van der VINK
	Committee Changes					STAFF
	Committee Members					STAFF
	Membership in IRIS					STAFF
	Governance						STAFF
	IRIS Staff						STAFF
	Member Institutions					STAFF
Volume XIII			
"No. 3, Fall 1994"
	Across Andes & Along Altiplano:  A Passive Seismic Exp.	BECK
	GSN Expansion						BUTLER
	Scientific ALiance for South America (SALSA)		SILVER
	IDA Update						GIVEN
	Seventh Annual IRIS Workshop				STAFF
	Princeton Earth Physics Project seeks IRIS
	Participation						NOLET
"No. 2, Summer '94"	JSP Special Supplement		
	Contributions of IRIS Data to Nuclear Monitoring	HARVEY
	Chinese Nuclear Test -6/94				WALLACE
	The Kyrgyz Seismic Network				VERNON
	JSP Arrays and Networks in Central Asia			PAVLIS
	ILIAD Workshop Announcement				LEVANDER
	Analysis of Multidimensional JSP Data			WAGNER
	The Caucasus Network					ABERS
	A Broadband Seismic Profile of the
	Non-Proliferation Exp.					WALLACE
	The Canadian National Seismograph Network		NORTH
	Evaluation of Instrument Responses Made Simple!		WOODWARD
"No. 1, Spring 1994"
	The GEOFON Program					HANKA
	The Moscow IRIS Data Analysis Center			ROZHKOV
	New Assembled Data Sets at the IRIS DMC			AHERN
	"NNA: Brief History of the Seismographic Station at
	Nana, Peru"						NORABUENA
	Visiting Scientist Support at IRIS DMC			AHERN
	IDA Update						GIVEN
Annual Report			
"December, 1993"
	DMS							AHERN
	  FARMing at the DMC					PARK
	  GOPHER Data from the DMC				EKSTROM
	  Mendico Triple Junction Crustal Imaging 
	 Experiment						MWGROUP
	  High Resolution Image of the Cascadia Subduction Zone	NABELEK ET AL
	JSP							van der VINK
	IRIS Staff and Facilities				STAFF
	Member Institutions					STAFF
	Committee Changes					STAFF
	Membership in IRIS					STAFF
	Standing Committees					STAFF
Volume XII			
"No. 3, Fall 1993"
	Performance Evaluations of a GSN of Open Stations	CLAASSEN
	The Global Telemetered Seismograph Network		HUTT
	5th Annual IRIS Workshop F-T to Hawaii Volcano Park	STAFF
	Deep Scientific Drilling in the San Andreas Fault Zone	HICKMAN
	"IRIS/ASL GSN Station Installation at Palmer 
	Station, Ant."						SANDOVAL
	IRIS Workshop						MCDOWELL
	US Seismic Networks to Form National Seismic System	STAFF
"No. 2, Summer 1993"
	RISC High Resolution Crustal Images			OKAYA
	Seismograph Display					AHERN
	Installation of IRIS/IDA Stations			JOHNSON
"No. 1, Spring 1993"
	PASSCAL Meets the Rocky Mountain Front			LERNER-LAM
	Execom Chair						PARK
	Rapid Earthquake Analysis at Harvard			EKSTROM
	Digital Signal Processing Workshop			AHERN
	Installation of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk			HUTT
	FARM: Fast Archive Recovery Method			AHERN
	A Volksseismometer?					NOLET
	Fifth Annual IRIS Workshop				MCDOWELL
Annual Report			
"December, 1992"
	International Cooperation and the GSN		
	Ocean Seismic Network and IRIS Ocean Cable		
	Siting and Growth of the GSN		
	JSP							van der VINK
	University Operated Open Seismic Stations and
	IRIS Conference on Proliferation		
	DMS							AHERN
	Federation of Digital Seismographic Networks		
	BADGER-GOPHER: Access to GSN Data in Near-Real-Time		
	Rapid Array Mobilization Program		
	Remote Access and Telemetry for PASSCAL		
	Gaining Access to Data at the IRIS DMC		
Volume XI			
"No. 3, Fall 1992"	
	The Tibetan Plateau Passive-Source Seismic Experiment	OWENS
	Software Exchange Library				AHERN
	Joint Seismic Program Center Opens			RITZWOLLER
	International Seismological Observing Period		BERGMAN
	Initial Results from Project ALOHA			THURBER
	Hawaii Chosen as Site for 1993 Workshop			MCDOWELL
"No. 2, Summer 1992"
	"PASSCAL Inst. Tackle an Active Volcano, 
	Redoubt, Alaska"					DAWSON
	Rarotonga Borehole Site					BUTLER/HUTT
	US National Seismographic Network			BULAND
	Ocean Seismic Network Planning Office is Established	KAPPEL
"No. 1, Spring 1992"
	Berkeley Digital Seismic Network			ROMANOWICZ
	PASSCAL Earthquake Recording				PHINNEY
	Kyrghizstan Seismic Network				VERNON
	New PASSCAL Data Available				FOWLER
	Support of NEHRP					RICHARDS
	Aftershock Mobilization Plan				SCHWARTZ
	Deployment of the WWSSN 1960-67				PETERSON
	DMC Purchases Mass Storage System			AHERN
	Data Archiving at IRIS DMC				AHERN

Annual Report			
" December, 1991"
	The Year in Review					SILVER
	DMS							AHERN
	IRIS Ocean Cable					BUTLER
	JSP							van der VINK
	The Future of the JSP					van der VINK
	IRIS Governance						STAFF
	IRIS Workshop						STAFF
Volume X			
"No. 2, Sum/Fall 91"		
	Historical Seismogram Project				GIVEN
	Pinon Flat Broadband Array				AL-SHUKRI
	Georgian/Ossetian Earthquake				LERNER-LAM
	Moscow Data Analysis Center Opens			van der VINK
	PASSCAL Instrument Center at Stanford			FOWLER
	Permanent IRIS DMC at U of Washington			AHERN
	US/USSR Joint Working Group Meeting			van der VINK
	IRIS Workshop						STAFF
Special Supplement			
"June, 1991"	Moscow Data Analysis Opens			van der VINK
"No. 1, March 1991"
	A New Look						SIMPSON
	DMS							AHERN
	JSP							van der VINK