PASSCAL Education Initiatives

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students - Many PASSCAL experiments, particularly active source experiments need volunteers to help with field work. If you are conducting a field program and need help, or are willing to have undergraduate students participate, send a brief summary of your experiment and any requirements you might have for participants to Susan Strain ( Susan will forward your information by email to all IRIS member institutions and post it on the IRIS web page. Make sure to include contact information (email address and phone number) so interested students can contact you directly.

Internships for Graduate Students - PASSCAL is considering a new program to support an annual graduate student internship at PASSCAL Instrument Centers. This internship is intended for graduate students with a particular interest in instrumentation or hardware/software development. The internship would include a 12 month support package. Students would spend a year working in the PASSCAL instrument centers and possibly on field projects. We would appreciate comments or suggestions from interested students or faculty advisors. Watch for a more detailed announcement in the next few months. Applications will be accepted from both Earth science and engineering students.

( Anne Meltzer, Lehigh University.

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