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The August 16, 1997 earthquake near the former Russian test site on Novaya Zemlya recorded by the IRIS GSN station Kevo (KEV). Data are bandpass-filtered at 5-10 Hz. The P/S spectral ratio for this event is relatively small (earthquake-like) compared with KEV recordings of previous nuclear explosions on Novaya Zemlya. The provisional International Data Center for the CTBT reports a magnitude of ML 3.8 and a location on the Kara Sea, about 100 km southeast of the test site. (see article by P. Richards and W.Y. Kim, Nature, Vol. 389, 23 October 1997)

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Sensing Tremors of Change in US Science and Education

IRIS Education and Outreach Committee

Seismologists Learning to Teach the Teachers

An Archive of Web Teaching Materials

Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

National Science Foundation Funding for Geoscience Education

Earthquake Museum Display

Use of PASSCAL Instruments and Data Delivery Policy

Databases in the Field: Two Views
A Dissenting View
A Broader Perspective

Further Comments on Databases

PASSCAL Data Access

1997 IRIS Workshop

Visiting Scientist Facility at the IRIS DMC Enhanced

Comments on "The Political Sensitivity of Earthquake Locations by van der Vink and Wallace"

Response from van der Vink and Wallace

New IRIS Education and Outreach Coordinator

Tenth Annual IRIS Workshop

Staff Changes at IDA


Staff News

GSN Update


New Members

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