IRIS Newsletter

Volume XVII, No. 2

Fall/Winter 1998

Table of Contents

New Opportunities, New Directions

USArray - Probing the Continent - G. Ekström, et al

A Plate Boundary Observatory - P. Silver, et al

Tenth Annual IRIS Workshop - P. Shearer

Seismology on Kola - E. Kremenetskaya, V. Asming

Deep Sea Fishing for BBOBS - B. Romanowicz, A.Dziewonski

Teach For America Intern at IRIS - A. Paske.

Kyrgyz Seismic Network - F. Vernon

IRIS Releases New Poster

Forum on Natural Hazards

IRIS Contributes to Savage Earth Television Series

IRIS Education and Outreach Program Plan

This Issue's Bannergram

Staff News

Commentary: Rapid and Free Data Distribution - B. Romanowicz

11th Annual IRIS Workshop


New Members