Francis T Wu

Professor of Geophysics
Department of Geological Sciences
SUNY Binghamton

Education and Employment

Service to IRIS and Seismological Community


My research in the last 20 years has concentrated on the acquisition and use of seismological and other geophysical data in the study of collision and mountain ranges.

I have just finished a comprehensive, collaborative geophysical experiment under the Taiwan Integrated Geodynamics Research or TAIGER project. I formerly mounted two deployments in Tibet, one in South Island, New Zealand, and one in northern China. From these projects, I fully appreciate the importance of the high quality support provided by IRIS PASSCAL in the field, and with software and data archiving. Through the TAIGER project I realize that the key to success for such multi-pronged research projects is coordination among the IRIS research community, the ocean-bottom seismometer community and the complex ship operations support system.

I had been a frequent user of GSN data and DMC services since IRIS began. With my interest in Asian tectonics I have participated in many discussions regarding issues of data exchange in Asia. Data has begun to flow, but certainly more open data exchange is desired.

If elected I shall use my experience as a basis to serve the IRIS community.