John Hole

Associate Professor of Geophysics
Virginia Tech

Education and Employment

Service to IRIS and Seismological Community


IRIS is phenomenally successful at providing shared facilities and resources for seismology: a global network, field instrumentation, and an open data archive. This has democratized and expanded research that simply could not be done by most member institutions, and has created a dynamic community that fosters collaborative science. IRIS's core programs clearly need to be maintained, but should also be continually assessed and improved. New activities or programs should be considered if they fit the philosophy of enabling the research and education community through shared resources. Public relations, outreach, and education are important to enhance appreciation of our science and produce the next generation of scientists. IRIS plays a leadership role in fostering inter-disciplinary research by encouraging shared facilities and open data archives in other disciplines, by supporting cyberinfrastructure, and through programs such as EarthScope. Since IRIS benefits all its members, I would be pleased and honored to serve on its community-based committees.