Sue Bilek

Associate Professor
Earth and Environmental Science Dept
New Mexico Tech

Education and Employment

IRIS/Seismology Community Service and Experience


Through various field and research efforts, I have interacted with the various branches of IRIS and appreciate the enormous value of IRIS to the seismological community. Data availability at (nearly) a click of one button for tiny earthquakes in my part of the world to the giant earthquakes of the Pacific is an incredible resource made available through IRIS, and we need continued progress forward developing data products to make the volumes of data even more useful. I welcome the opportunity to serve the IRIS community to help the current and next generations of seismologists have the data products and services they need as they attack the grand challenges recently put forth for our science. Also, during my time on the GSN Standing Committee, we have been discussing the future of the network, and some of these conversations definitely made me consider life as a seismologist without the GSN and the rest of the IRIS organization. A scary thought indeed, and this has given me a desire and willingness to continue working on sustainability plans for IRIS, a significant issue that will certainly affect planning for the next 5-year proposal.