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This page includes thumbnail figures, titles and authors of the two-page overviews and one-page project descriptions from the Accomplishments part of the IRIS 5 year Proposal; each of them them is a link to a PDF file. You may scroll down this page to browse them, or click in the table of contents to jump to a particular topic.


    Michael Wysession


    Two-Page Overviews (5)
    Earthquakes (19)
    Monitoring Other Seismic Sources (21)
    Signals and Systems (12)
    Surface of the Earth: North America (26)
    Surface of the Earth: Global Studies (29)
    Upwelling and Downwelling (23)
    Global Mantle Structure (17)
    Core-Mantle Boundary (18)
    Inner Core (16)
    Education and Outreach (22)

Two-Page Overviews 

Goran Ekstrom

Earthquake Seismology and IRIS
Alan Levander, Adrian Lenardic and Karl Karlstrom

The Continental Lithosphere and Seismology
Geoffrey Abers

Subduction and Seismology
Edward J. Garnero

Investigating Earth's Dynamic Mantle and Core
Larry Braile

IRIS Education and Outreach


G. Ekstrom and M. Nettles

Long-period global detection and location of earthquakes using the GSN
T. Lay, H. Kanamori, C. J. Ammon, M. Nettles, S. N. Ward, R. C. Aster, S. L. Beck, S. L. Bilek, M. R. Brudzinski, R. Butler, H. R. DeShon, G. Ekstrom, K. Satake and S. Sipkin

The great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of 26 December 2004

C. J. Ammon, C. Ji, H. K. Thio, D. Robinson, S. Ni, V. Hjorleifsdottir, H. Kanamori, T. Lay, S. Das, D. Helmberger, G. Ichinose, J. Polet and D. Wald

Rupture process of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake

C. J. Ammon, A. Velasco and T. Lay

Imaging the rupture process of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake using deconvolved surface wave source time functions

S. Stein and E. A. Okal

Ultra-long-period characteristics of the December 2004 Sumatra earthquake
S. Stein and E. A. Okal

IRIS data allowed rapid public information about Sumatra earthquake and tsunami
V. C. Tsai, M. Nettles, G. Ekstrom and A. M. Dziewonski

Multiple source analysis of the 2004 Sumatra earthquake

R. Aster, K. Anderson and Rhett Butler

Global Seismographic Network Recording of the Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake

K. Walker, M. Ishii, P. Shearer and P. Earle

Rapid Imaging of Large Earthquake Rupture Zones with P-waves: Application to the 28 March 2005 Sumatra Mw 8.7 Earthquake Suggests Bilateral Rupture

N. A. Ruppert, R. A. Hansen, J. C. Stachnik and S. Estes

Regional monitoring of the aftershock sequence of the 2002 M7.9 Denali fault, Alaska, earthquake

M. Antolik, R. E. Abercrombie, G. Ekstrom

The 2003 Mid-Indian Ocean earthquake: An unusual earthquake in oceanic lithosphere
S. Hansen, S. Schwartz and H. DeShon

Relocations and Focal Mechanisms Determined from Waveform Cross-Correlation of Seismic Data from the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
S. Y. Schwartz, H. R. DeShon, A. V. Newman, D. E. Sampson, L. M. Dorman, T. H. Dixon, E. Norabuena, M. Protti, V. Gonzalez, K. M. Brown and E. Flueh

Seismogenic Zone Processes at the Costa Rica Convergent Margin
J. Pulliam, V. Huerfano, C. von Hillebrandt-Andrade, D. O. Campos, I. Camacho, L. O. Gomez, J. Payero and E. Fajardo

Aftershock study of the subduction to strike-slip transition of the North American-Caribbean plate boundary in the Dominican Republic

S. L. Bilek, T. Lay and L. J. Ruff

Exploring Subduction Zone Earthquake Rupture
A. Venkataraman and H. Kanamori

Observational Constraints on the Fracture Energy of Subduction Zone Earthquakes
R. Tibi, D. A. Wiens and H. Inoue

Remote Triggering of Deep Earthquakes: Insight from the 2002 Tonga Sequences
D. W. Forsyth, Y. Yang, M.-D. Mangriotis and Y. Shen

Coupled seismic slip on adjacent oceanic transform faults

S. A. Sipkin

The Use of Waveform Shapes to Automatically Determine Earthquake Focal Depth

Monitoring Other Seismic Sources 

S. H. Pozgay and D. A. Wiens

Broadband Recording of the First Historical Eruption of Anatahan Volcano, Mariana Islands
W. McCausland, S. Malone and M. la Rocca

Use of multiple small aperture arrays to study deep subduction-related tremor in Cascadia
J. Rhie and B. Romanowicz

Evaluation of the Earth's incessant free oscillations by atmosphere-ocean-seafloor coupling
H. Tkalcic, D. S. Dreger, G. R. Foulger and B. R. Julian

Kinematic modeling and complete moment tensor analysis of the Anomalous, Vertical CLVD Bardarbunga, Iceland, Event

J. Berger, P. Davis and G. Ekstrom

Ambient Earth Noise: A survey of the Global Seismographic Network
D. E. McNamara, R. P. Buland, H. Benz, T. Ahern and B. Weertman

A Real-time Seismic Noise Analysis System for Monitoring Data Quality and Station Performance
B. Allmann and G. Laske

Four Anomalous Episodes in the Late 2003 Microseism Band Offshore Southern California

P. J. Carpenter

Ambient Seismic Noise Monitoring in North-Central Illinois
V. Schulte-Pelkum, P. Earle and F. Vernon

Strong Directivity of Ocean-Generated Seismic Noise
D. E. McNamara, W. Tad Pfeffer and Shad O'Neel

Glacial and Climate Controls on Tide-Water Glacier Calving Dynamics: A PASSCAL Seismic Experiment on the Columbia Glacier, South-east Alaska
P. D. Bromirski, F. K. Duennebier and R. A. Stephen

Mid-Ocean-Bottom and Land-based Microseism Correlations
R. A. Stephen, P. D. Bromirski, F. K. Duennebier

Ocean drilling at the Hawaii-2 Observatory (H2O)

Rhett Butler

Nanoearthquakes at H2O

W. R. Walter, A. J. Rodgers, D. Bowers and N. Selby

The May 18, 1998 Indian Nuclear Test Seismograms at station NIL
M. Renwald, S. R. Taylor and T. C. Wallace

Transfer Functions and Seismic Discrimination: a KNET Case Study
D. P. Schaff and P. G. Richards

Lg-wave cross correlation and double-difference location
G.-W. Fan and T. Lay

Strong LG attenuation in Tibet

D. P. Schaff and P. G. Richards

Repeating seismic events in China
M. Renwald, S. Arrowsmith, B. W. Stump and M. Hedlin

A Comprehensive Database for Mining Explosion Discrimination
R.-M. Zhou, B. W. Stump, C. T. Hayward, Y.-T. Chen and Z.-X. Yang

Intermediate Period Surface Waves from Mining Explosions
R.-M. Zhou and B. W. Stump

Source Scaling of Single Fired Mining Explosions with Different Confinement and Explosive Size at a Copper Mine in Arizona

Signals and Systems 

P. Davis

Quality Control of GSN Sensor Response Information
P. Davis

GSN station operator training

G. Laske

Data Requirements from Low--Frequency Seismology and the Dearth of STS-1 Sensors
M. Zumberge, J. Berger and E. Wielandt

Development of a new broadband optical seismometer

M. Kohler and P. Davis

Earthquake and Ambient Vibration Monitoring of the 17-story steel frame UCLA Factor Building

J. N. Louie and M. Heimgartner

Passive Crustal Refraction Experiments Using IRIS/PASSCAL Facilities: New Surveys Show Variable Crustal Thickness in the Western Great Basin

W. Stefan, E. J. Garnero and R. Renaut

Signal restoration through deconvolution applied to deep mantle seismic probes

S. Weinstein and E. Okal

The mantle magnitude Mm and the slowness parameter Theta: Five years of real-time use in the context of tsunami warning.

P. Goldstein and A. Snoke

SAC avaiability for the IRIS community

R. J. Willemann and J. Harris

ISC On-line Bulletin and IRIS DMC Waveform Retrieval

T. Ahern, L. Kamb and J. Muench

Web services at the IRIS DMC

L. Kamb and T. Ahern

The Uniform Product Distribution System

Surface of the Earth: North America 

W. D. Mooney and M. Kaban

The North American Upper Mantle: Density, Composition, and Evolution

M. Nettles and A. M. Dziewonski

Tomography of the North American upper mantle using global and regional datasets
F. Marone and B. Romanowicz

High resolution 3D anisotropic structure of the North American upper mantle from inversion of body and surface waveform data
N. M. Shapiro, M. H. Ritzwoller, M. Campillo and L. Stehly

High-Resolution Surface Wave Tomography From Ambient Seismic Noise
J. McGuire and Y. Ben-Zion

Imaging the Fine Structure of the San Andreas Fault at seismogenic depths using an archived PASSCAL dataset
J. Gomberg and the 2004 Garner Valley Experiment Working Group

A multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, multi-facility experiment in Garner Valley, CA
K. Aki, A. Jin, V. I. Keilis-Borok,Z. Liu and I. Zaliapin

Brittle-Ductile Interactions in California

J. A. Hole, R. D. Catchings, K. C. St. Clair, M. J. Rymer, D. A. Okaya and B. J. Carney

Steep-Dip Seismic Imaging of the Shallow San Andreas Fault Near Parkfield
O. S. Boyd, C. H. Jones and A. F. Sheehan

Foundering Lithosphere Imaged Beneath the Southern Sierra Nevada, California, USA
C. C. Sorlien and C. Nicholson

Using Marine Seismic Data to Investigate Active Plate Boundary Deformation: The California Continental Borderland and the Marmara Sea

M. Bostock, J. Gaherty, E. Garnero, J. Revenaugh, A. Langlois, I. Al-Khoubbi, M. Avants, A. Baig, N. Barstow, A. Courtier, S. Ford, J. Mercier, T. Nicholson, J. Oueity, N. Schmerr, M.  Thorne, C. Wilson and J. Yoburn

CANOE: A Broadband Array in Northwestern Canada
S. L. Klemperer, E. L. Miller, D. L. Lerch, E. M. Gashawbeza, J. P. Colgan and C. K. Wilson

A Refraction/Reflection/Teleseismic Survey of the Northwestern Basin and Range Transition Zone
J. N. Louie and J. B. Scott

Passive Shallow Seismic Experiments Using IRIS/PASSCAL Facilities: Shear-Velocity Assessments at Over 300 Urban Sites

The RISTRA Group

Lithospheric Structure of the Rio Grande Rift
M. West, W. Gao and S. Grand

A simple approach for the joint tomographic inversion of seismic body and surface waves

T.-S. Kim and B. W. Stump

Upper-Crustal Structure in SE Arizona from P and Rg Phases Generated by Explosions
K. E. Karlstrom, K. Dueker, E. Humphreys, G. R. Keller, A. Levander, K. Miller, C. Prodehl, S. Smithson, C. Snelson

Probing the Structure and Evolution of the Rocky Mountains

A. Levander, C. A. Zelt, M. B. Magnani, K. Dueker and H. Yuan

Modern basalt extraction structures in the Southern Rocky Mountains: Multi-band images from the Jemez Lineament
H. Gilbert and A. Sheehan

Crustal Structure of the Basin and Range, Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountains and Great Plains
K. Fischer, S. Rondenay, E. Syracuse, C. McCarthy, C. A. Rychert, L. Doermann, M. Salas, M. Welsh, M. Wysession, G. Aleqabi, P. Shore, J. F. Lawrence, B. Shiro, M. Pyle, G. Euler and T. Mayeau

Investigating crust and Earth structure with the Florida-to-Edmonton broadband array

L. W. Wolf, M.-K. Lee, S. Browning and M. P. Tuttle

Numerical Analysis of Overpressure Development in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
S. Rondenay

Imaging the earth with dense arrays of broadband seismometers
H. Bedle and S. van der Lee

Imaging upper mantle structure beneath the Illinois Basin
J. B. Gaherty

A surface-wave analysis of seismic anisotropy beneath eastern North America
C. A. Rychert, K. M. Fischer and S. Rondenay

Scattered Wave Imaging of a Sharp Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary Beneath Eastern North America
S. van der Lee, K. Regenauer-Lieb, D. Yuen and S. M. Wang

Subduction potential at the eastern margin of North America

Surface of the Earth: Global Studies 

A. Levander, M. Schmitz and the BOLIVAR and GEODINOS Working Groups

BOLIVAR and GEODINOS: The SE Caribbean continental dynamics project

E. Asencio, J. H. Knapp, T. J. Owens and G. Helffrich

The Reflections Under the Scottish Highlands (RUSH) experiment: Mapping fine-scale heterogeneities within the continental mantle lithosphere beneath Scotland, combining active-and passive-source seismology

V. Levin, J. Park and the RETREAT Team

(quasi)-Love found in Tuscany: US-European seismic array in Italy catches the Big Wave

G. R. Keller, K. C. Miller, M. Grad and A. Guterch

PASSCAL Experiments in Central Europe Target Lithospheric Structure

J. H. Knapp, C. C. Knapp, L. Munteanu, V. Mocanu and V. Raileanu

Origin and Tectonic Evolution of Active Continental Lithospheric Delamination in the Vrancea Zone, Romania: Project DRACULA
E. Sandvol, N. Turkelli and M. Barazangi

The Eastern Turkey Seismic Experiment: The Study of a Young Continent-Continent Collision
Z. Peng and Y. Ben-Zion

Systematic high-resolution imaging of the Karadere-Duzce branch of the north Anatolian fault

M. E. Pasyanos

Tectonic Structure and Surface Wave Dispersion in Eurasia and North Africa
A. Venkataraman, A. Nyblade and J. Ritsema

Upper mantle Q and thermal structure beneath Tanzania, East Africa from teleseismic P wave spectra
S. Klemperer, G. R. Keller, K. Mickus, T. Furman

Structure and evolution of the main Ethiopian Rift

Y. Park, M. H. Benoit, A. A. Nyblade and C. A. Langston

The upper mantle P wave structure beneath Ethiopia and Kenya
M. T. Dugda, A. A. Nyblade, C. Ammon, J. Julia, C. A. Langston and S. Simiyu

Crustal Structure Beneath Ethiopia and Kenya: Implications for Rift Development in Eastern Africa
M. J. Fouch, P. G. Silver, J. N. Lee, D. R. Bell

Small-Scale Variations in Seismic Anisotropy Near Kimberley, South Africa

D. E. James, F. R. Boyd, D. Schutt, D. R. Bell, R. W. Carlson

Xenolith constraints on seismic velocities in the upper mantle beneath southern Africa

A. M. Larson, J. A. Snoke, D. E. James

S-wave velocity structure beneath the KAAPVAAL craton

S. Ingate

Kyrgyz Seismic Network KNET: Application of KNET data in scientific researches

R. J. Mellors and A. Zubovich

Characterizing crustal deformation in the North Tien Shan using geodetic and KNET seismic data

M. Maceira, S. R. Taylor, C. J. Ammon, X. Yang and A. A. Velasco

High resolution surface wave slowness tomography in central Asia

A. F. Sheehan, V. Schulte-Pelkum, G. Monsalve, T. de la Torre, F. Wu

Seismic imaging of the Himalayan collision zone

B. Zurek, A. Meltzer, S. Sol, X. Zhang and J. Zhang

Receiver Function Imaging of the Eastern Syntaxis of Tibet

S. Sol, A. Meltzer, B. Zurek, P. Zeitler, X. Zhang and J. Zhang

Shear-wave splitting beneath the Eastern Syntaxis Tibetan experiment
N. M. Shapiro and M. H. Ritzwoller

Structure and deformation of the Tibetan lithosphere
C. K. Wilson, C. H. Jones, P. Molnar, A. Sheehan and O. S. Boyd

Lithospheric Deformation within a Continental Strike-Slip Fault Zone: Marlborough Fault System, South Island, New Zealand
J. Lawrence, D. Wiens, P. Shore, A. Nyblade, S. Anandakrishnan, D. Voight

Seismically imaging the East Antarctica/West Antarctica Boundary with TAMSEIS

T. Watson, A. Nyblade, S. Anandakrishnan, D. Voight, D. Wiens and P. Shore

Upper Mantle Velocity Structure Beneath the TAMSEIS Network, Antarctica
M. H. Ritzwoller, N. M. Shapiro and S. Zhong

Cooling history of the Pacific lithosphere: Evidence for thermal boundary layer instabilities and dislocation creep
C. A. Zelt, J. A. Hole and R. G. Pratt

Advances in Active-Source Seismic Imaging Using Traveltime and Waveform Tomography
F. Gao, G. L. Fradelizio, A. Levander and C. Zelt

High Resolution Waveform Tomography at a Ground Water Contamination Site
G. Leahy, J. Park and V. Levin

Hunting for Ocean Island Moho: The Snipe Bites Back

Upwelling and Downwelling 

T. Brocher on behalf of the SHIPS Working Group

Seismic Hazards Investigations in Puget Sound (SHIPS) I
T. Brocher on behalf of the SHIPS Working Group

Seismic Hazards Investigations in Puget Sound (SHIPS) II
J. Park, H. Yuan and V. Levin

Subduction-zone anisotropy beneath Corvallis, Oregon: A serpentinite skidmark of trench-parallel terrane migration?
G. A. Abers, D. H. Christensen, J. C. Stachnik and A. Ferris

Imaging subduction beneath Alaska: Results from BEAAR
G. A. Abers, K. M. Fischer, L. Auger, E. Syracuse, G. Reyes, C. Rychert, A. Walker, J. M. Protti, V. Gonzalez Salas, W. Strauch, P. Perez

The TUCAN Broadband Seismic Experiment: Imaging the Central America Subduction Factory
C. Flores and S. Schwartz

Receiver Function Analysis of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
H. Gilbert, S. Beck, G. Zandt and the CHARGE Working Group

Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure in the Flat Slab Region of Central Chile and Argentina
M. H. Ritzwoller and N. M. Shapiro

Imaging shallow subduction zones with surface waves
R. Tibi and D. A. Wiens

Detailed Structure and Sharpness of Upper Mantle Discontinuities in The Tonga Subduction Zone
J. Wookey, J. M. Kendall and G. Barruol

Evidence of mid-mantle deformation from shear-wave splitting
M. J. Fouch and D. K. Anglin

Seismic Anisotropy in the Izu-Bonin Subduction System
S. Ham, A. Levander and F. Niu

Finite difference synthetic test for Kirchhoff migration of receiver function on subducting slab
V. Levin, V. Peyton, J. Park, H. Bender and W. Menke

Observations of shear wave birefringence in subduction zones - a guide to mantle flow?
R. Montelli, G. Nolet, F. A. Dahlen and G. Masters

Deep plumes in the Earth's mantle
G. Nolet, S. Karato and R. Montelli

Plume heat flux estimates
M. D. Behn, C. P. Conrad and P. G. Silver

Detection of upper mantle flow associated with the African superplume
Y. Wang and L. Wen

Structural features and velocity structures of the "African anomaly"

J. B. Gaherty

Seismic evidence for hotspot-induced buoyant flow beneath the Reykjanes Ridge
S.-H. Hung, Y. Shen and L.-Y. Chiao

Imaging seismic velocity structure beneath the Iceland hotspot: A finite frequency approach

T. Yang and Y. Shen

Crustal and uppermost mantle structure beneath Iceland from local earthquake tomography

R. M. Allen and M. Xue

The origin of hotspot volcanism in the Pacific Northwest
K. Walker, S. Klemperer and G. Bokelmann

Shear Wave Splitting in the Great Basin Solves the Elevation Problem: It Was a Simple Plume-like Upwelling All Along

R. B. Smith, E. Humphreys, P. Tackley and K. Duecker

Collaborative Research: Geodynamics of the Yellowstone Hotspot Constrained by Seismic and GPS Imaging

Global Mantle Structure 

M. Panning and B. Romanowicz

A Three-Dimensional Radially Anisotropic Model of Shear Velocity in the Whole Mantle
Y. Gung, M. Panning and B. Romanowicz

Global anisotropy and the thickness of continents
B. Kustowski, A. Dziewonski and G. Ekstrom

Imaging the anisotropic shear-wave velocity structure of the Earth's mantle
M. S. Evans, J. M. Kendall and R. J. Willemann

Global analysis of upper mantle anisotropy using automated SKS splitting measurements

C. Dalton and G. Ekstrom

Investigating attenuation and velocity structure from surface-wave amplitudes
Y. Gung and B. Romanowicz

Global tomographic model of Q in the upper mantle obtained using long-period waveform data
L. M. Warren and P. M. Shearer

Compressional-Wave Studies on the Frequency Dependence of and Lateral Variations in Mantle Attenuation

J. F. Lawrence and M. Wysession

Using IRIS Digital Data to Determine the Radial Attenuation Structure of the Lower Mantle

J. F. Lawrence and M. Wysession

Whole-Mantle 3D Seismic Attenuation: Evidence for Global Mass Flux

G. Laske

New Measurements of Radial Mode Eigenfrequencies
P. M. Shearer and P. Earle

The Global Short-Period Wavefield Modeled with a Monte Carlo Seismic Phonon Method
H. Tkalcic, M. P. Flanagan and V. F. Cormier

Discovery of Strong Upper Mantle Reflectors From Back-Scattering of Near-Podal PKPPKP Waves Using Data Acquired From IRIS
Y. Wang, L. Wen and D. Weidner

SH velocity and compositional models near the 660-km discontinuity beneath South America

Y. Shen and J. Blum

Seismic evidence for accumulated oceanic crust above the 660-km discontinuity beneath southern Africa

E. J. Garnero, N. Schmerr and M. S. Thorne

Seismic investigation of upper and lower mantle boundary layering
S. S. Gao and K. H. Liu

Study of Earth's Layered Structure on a Global Scale Using Broadband Seismic Datasets
S. Rost and M. Thorne

Probing the Earth's interior by stacking stacked short-period seismic array data

Core-Mantle Boundary 

S.-H. Hung, E. J. Garnero, L.-Y. Chiao, B.-Y. Kuo and T. Lay

Finite-frequency tomography of D" shear velocity heterogeneity beneath the Caribbean

B.-Y. Kuo, C.-W. Chen

A seismological determination of the temperature gradient in D" beneath the western Pacific
A. To, B. Romanowicz, Y. Capdeville

Sharp Lateral Boundaries in the D" Region
E. Garnero and T. Lay

D"shear velocity heterogeneity, anisotropy, and discontinuity structure beneath the Caribbean

J. Black and C. Thomas

Using array methods to investigate possible causes for PKP deviations

M. Avants, T. Lay and S. A. Russell

Lateral variation of the D" discontinuity beneath the Pacific

T. Lay, E. J. Garnero and S. A. Russell

Lateral variation of the D" discontinuity beneath the Cocos plate

C. Thomas, E. J. Garnero and T. Lay

Migration of lowermost mantle structure under the Cocos

T. Kito, C. Thomas and E. J. Garnero

Lateral variation of P and S wave velocity discontinuities in the lower mantle beneath the Cocos Plate

J. Chaloner and C. Thomas

Observation of P-wave velocity discontinuities in D" beneath Southeast Asia using migration techniques

A. Hutko and T. Lay

A step in the D" discontinuity imaged by Kirchoff migration through 3D tomographic models
J. M. Rokosky, T. Lay and E. J. Garnero

Lowermost mantle anisotropy beneath the Central Pacific
M. M. Moore, E. J. Garnero, T. Lay and Q. C. Williams

D" anisotropy from lamellae and transverse isotropy

V. Maupin, E. J. Garnero, T. Lay and M. Fouch

Azimuthal anisotropy in the D" layer beneath the Caribbean

E. Garnero, M. M. Moore, T. Lay and M. J. Fouch

Isotropy or weak vertical transverse isotropy in the D" under the Atlantic

S. R. Ford, E. J. Garnero and A. K. McNamara

A strong lateral shear velocity gradient and anisotropy heterogeneity in the lowermost mantle beneath the southern Pacific

S. Rost and E. J. Garnero

Detection of an ultralow velocity zone at the CMB using diffracted PKKPab waves

M. Wysession

Examining the base of the mantle using IRIS FLED PASSCAL data

Inner Core 

A. Cao and B. Romanowicz

An Observation of PKJKP: Inferences on Inner Core Shear Properties
A. Cao and B. Romanowicz

Constraints on Density and Shear Velocity Contrasts at the Inner Core Boundary
V. F. Cormier and A. Stroujkova

Waveform search for the innermost inner core
H. Tkalcic

Near-Podal Observations of PKPPKP Waves and Implications for Central Inner Core Structure
R. Garcia, S. Chevrot and H. Tkalcic

Non-linear waveform and delay time analysis of triplicated core phases: A new method to extract differential travel times from interfering data

V. F. Cormier, A. Stroujkova and X. Li

Velocity and attenuation in the Earth's inner core
M. Ishii and A. M. Dziewonski

Anisotropy of the inner core

K. D. Koper and V. Parker

Slowness Anomalies of PKP Phases Recorded in Alaska: Implications for Inner Core Anisotropy
K. Creager, A. Ouzounis and S. DeRosier

Transition from isotropic upper inner core to anisotropic lower inner core: The importance of anisotropic ray tracing

X. Sun and X. Song

Inner core anisotropy from PKP travel times at near antipodal distances
W. Yu and L. Wen

Hemisphericity and regional seismic anisotropy in the top 80 km of the Earth's inner core
M. Ivan, V. Marza, D. de Farias Caixeta and T. de Melo Arraes

Uppermost inner core attenuation from PKP data observed at some South American seismological stations
A. Cao and B. Romanowicz

Hemispherical Transition of Seismic Attenuation at the Top of the Earth's Inner Core
X. Song and A. Li

Differential inner core superrotation from earthquakes in Alaska recorded at South Pole station
X. Song, J. Zhang, Y. Li, P. G. Richards, X. Sun and F. Waldhauser

Support for Inner Core Super-Rotation from High-Quality Waveform Doublets
G. Laske and G. Masters

The Earth's Free Oscillations and the Differential Rotation of the Inner Core

Education and Outreach 

M. W. Hamburger, G. L. Pavlis, L. W. Braile, T. Owens, J. Lahr

The U.S. Educational Seismology Network

C. McLelland

IRIS and Geological Society of America
C. Rebbert and L. Palmer

Global seismicity monitor as an interactive museum display

E. A. Mathez

IRIS/USGS Seismology Displays at the American Museum of Natural History, New York

M. Wysession

Experiences with the IRIS E&O Lecture

R. J. Mellors, E. Riggs, J. Eakins, F. Vernon and P. Kilburg

A real-time interactive educational seismology exhibit

A. L. Jones, L. W. Braile and C. J. Braile

A Suite of Educational Computer Programs for Seismology
L. W. Braile

Educational Seismograph Teaching Modules

T. J. Owens and P. Crotwell

The Global Earthquake Explorer: A Versatile Tool for Science Education

G. L. Pavlis

The use of IRIS instrumentation in undergraduate education

R. A. Young

Seismic Reflection Processing Workshop

A. C. Hirsch


R. Butler

Seismology Education Programs at the University of Portland
M. Wysession and S. Stein

Influence of IRIS on the Construction of a College-Level Seismology Course
D. Kilb

Collaborative Teacher Workshops at the Visualization Center at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (San Diego)
M. J. Fouch, J. L. Cecil, S. Cecil, S. M. Semken

Project SLAM: A Flexible Field Seismology and Earthquake Studies Teaching Module

A. Kafka, M. Barnett and J. Ebel

The Boston College educational seismology project: Inviting students into the world of science research

J. C. Lahr

Seismographs in Schools

R. McClure

Earth and Space Science Professoional Development Project

M. F. Ireton

The IRIS Education Program in support of the National Earth Science Teachers Association

K. Urick

Impact of a School Seismograph on a Rural Illinois Middle School: Bringing Real Time Recordings Into the Classroom
J. Cook

Seismographs in schools: Shaking things up in the 5th grade